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Hi guys again!!

This time I bring for everybody a platoon of UK M10, as always from the Battle Front game Flames of War.

UK M10

Directly here we have the pictures of these new models!!!



Esta vez, la segunda tanda de japoneses, Estas minsiaturas son de la caja de Battle Front, Hohei Chutai (JBX01)

This time the second wave , more Japs for Flames of War wargame!!! these miniatures are from that box, the Hohei Chutai (JBX01)

Hohei Chutai (JBX01)

Hohei Chutai (JBX01)

Hohei Chutai (JBX01)

Hohei Chutai (JBX01)


Hi again I come back with a three Forged in Battle Sd Kfz 10/5 2cm, useful for Flames of War game, at this picture we can see it in action.

I used AK-Interactive paints, like:

Late war colors for NATO


Here I bring the lasts photos of this end work…

I used miniatures from Flames of War, (Battle front) and I used too the AK-Interactive products.

 photo IMGP3101_zps9090debc.jpg

 photo IMGP3102_zps19ecc59e.jpg

 photo IMGP3104_zpsb8c3cbdc.jpg

 photo IMGP3105_zps74f63f7d.jpg

 photo IMGP3106_zps17d2c729.jpg

 photo IMGP3107_zpsea5f6002.jpg

 photo IMGP3109_zpsdc1ade38.jpg

 photo IMGP3110_zpsdd2ba971.jpg

 photo IMGP3111_zpsdfd32b83.jpg

 photo IMGP3112_zps8b34493e.jpg

 photo IMGP3113_zpsf3947c0f.jpg

 photo IMGP3114_zps82af00b7.jpg

 photo IMGP3115_zps07d9103a.jpg

 photo IMGP3116_zpsab57caa2.jpg

 photo IMGP3117_zpsf208f91b.jpg

 photo IMGP3118_zps44365606.jpg

 photo IMGP3120_zps816771d6.jpg

 photo IMGP3121_zps83cf2570.jpg

 photo IMGP3122_zps756122ba.jpg

 photo IMGP3123_zpsdaf96999.jpg

 photo IMGP3125_zps5d4160ea.jpg

 photo IMGP3127_zpse4bdda16.jpg

 photo IMGP3128_zps858d4aee.jpg

 photo IMGP3129_zps39cf49db.jpg

hope you like the gallery

Now some 155mm artilery battery from Flames of War

Aquí han recibido otra subida de luz y les he pasado los típicos chorretes:

Here you can see some modulation an the typical weathering from AK-Interactive







Les falta una esponja con daños, acompañarlos de un color tipo green grey, y manchar las ruedas con un filtro tipo Afrika

They need some damage with the  sponge technique,  retouch damage with Green Grey, and add some Africa filter

See ya!!