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Some pictures from a SDKFZ 250 alte from TPSM:






I boys this time I have some pictures of a 15mm German Nashorn, a tank hunter form the second world war, as you will see I followed the tri-tonal scheme for the camouflage.

Some modulation, with the dunkelb and  chipping for the another colours.

I hope you like the photos!!


German Nashorn

German Nashorn

German Nashorn


German Nashorn

From one side

German Nashorn


German Nashorn


Se vende el siguiente material de Flames of War(Battle Front).
Las miniaturas están tal y como se ven en las fotos, si se requieren más tan solo pedírmelas.

Tropas, más de 100 miniaturas


Weapons section con 12 LMGs teams y 4 x 60mm mortars teams


20 bazooka teams


AA Airborne battery con 4 cal .50


24 miniaturas paracaidistas / conductores / ametralladores


Sorry for the waiting, but I am a little bit busy.

Here you have some photos of my lasts miniatures, a pair of marder II, I hole you like them

Marder II - 7.5cm Pak 40/2 auf Slf II


Hi again guys, this time I bring three Flames of War German Hornisses!!!

But come on, let’s go to the miniatures pictures!!