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Hi again guys, this time I bring three Flames of War German Hornisses!!!

But come on, let’s go to the miniatures pictures!!


Hi again guys this time I bring for every body four Panzer III for Battle Front game, Flames of war, for just only 3€, awesome!!!


Hi! guys how are you??

This time I bring 5 panzer IV from Battle Front, for Flames of War game, a good tank for mid and latte periods, but be careful, because this frontal in only 6 😉Panzer IV



Introducción Introduction

      Hola de nuevo, es la vez os traigo unos panteras, un encargo de pintura,  en 15mm de Forged in Battle, en concreto unos panteras del tipo G, totalmente compatibles con el juego de BattleFront, Flames of War. Que os voy a contar de esta marca que no lo haya hecho ya en anteriores posts, simplemente decir que la calidad es impresionante, muy detallados y casi sin imperfecciones, la única pega, por decir algo, es la peana, pero por lo menos a mi, no me importa en absoluto.

     Hi again guys, this time I bring for everybody a new Panthers G, another paint service for a customer, these 15mm panthers, are from Forged in Battle brand, totally compatible for the Battle Front game, Flames of War. What I’m going to tell us, about that brand, that I didn’t tell,  simply there miniatures are awesome, very detailed and almost without imperfections, the only cons, that these panther are made with base, but I didn’t care it.

Forged in Battle panther pack


Hi again I come back with a three Forged in Battle Sd Kfz 10/5 2cm, useful for Flames of War game, at this picture we can see it in action.

I used AK-Interactive paints, like:

Late war colors for NATO